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Diana Pederson dlpederson at VOYAGER.NET
Tue Aug 12 23:56:57 CEST 1997

McClements, Jim wrote:

> Ellen
> You wrote:
> >>>>
> Maybe I'm the last one on earth to think of the obvious, but in
> the course
> of catching up on my small tuber IOUs, I have finally stumbled
> across the
> easy, obvious, safe and cheap way to send them: put them in a
> little
> cardboard jewelry box and stuff that into a padded mailer.
> Much better
> than extra bubble wrap, I think.
> <<<<
> 35 mm. film cannisters work as well as jewelry boxes, for those
> of us who
> don't buy a lot of jewelry.
> Jim McClements

> The plastic bottles many drug samples come in often come with a
> tiny container of silica sand to keep them dry for long periods
> of time.  I save these sample bottles and use them to collect
> seeds for storage in.  They can easily be mailed too.

Diana Pederson, Michigan, Zone 5 (4)

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