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Bush, Gene genebush at MUNCHKINNURSERY.COM
Sun Aug 10 15:19:48 CEST 1997

Hello Diana,
Every fall I do a series of articles preaching the virtues of fall
planting. I am a true believer and do very little spring planting. I
will not get on my soap box here, but please give it a try. You will
find yourself losing far fewer plants in the garden when planting in the
fall. This is especially true of bulbs, tubers and corms that are
dormant. They never know they have been moved- just wake up all settled
in to their new home. Incidentally, just because you see nothing above
ground does not mean there is no activity going on beneath the surface.
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AR>I want to purchase some Arisaema plants at the appropriate time
AR>for planting.  Our local Alpine nursery that sells both trilliums
AR>and jack-in-the pulpits told me they will have more plants for
AR>sale this fall.  Is this the best time to plant them or would it
AR>be better to wait for spring when they would have a longer time
AR>to get established?

AR>Diana Pederson, Michigan, Zone 5 (4)

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