1949 ACE seed identification

Jean Halverson jahalve at MHTC.NET
Sat Aug 9 23:39:35 CEST 1997

Thanks for the info, Roy

> Tuberous herb to 1m The plant is a total of 20" tall.  The two stalks of leaves angle upward and reach a
height of 15" with the "flower" standing above the leaves.  The spathe bends to cover
the opening and then extends almost horizontally another inch or so to end in a
point--no tail of any sort.

> Are the leaflets on yours radial? Or do they come from one side, in sort of a horseshoe arrangement? How many are there?
Each stalk has a central long, ovate leaflet and a stem on either side that after an
inch or so has three or four leaflets.  Very similar arrangement to that of dracontium,
but much smaller.  These are young plants and the leaves may expand more in the next few
days, but right now the diameter of the leaves on one stalk is about 7".

>with undulating leaflet lobes. Very large obovoid infructescence with red fruits..I'm not sure what undulating means but this plant doesn't sound tall enough nor can I
imagine it having a large seedhead.  I will try to take some pictures that may help if
they're clear enough.  It's always possible, of course, that I got some labels mixed up
during the past 2 years.

Jean Halverson
Wisconsin zone 51

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