1949 ACE seed identification

Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Sat Aug 9 17:18:52 CEST 1997


The field notes for the ACE collections describe 1949 as:

Arisaema sp.
Between Zhongdian & San-Ba, 27 37.04N, 100 02.32E, 3,080m. Degraded pine
forest and roadside banks. Tuberous herb to 1m with undulating leaflet
lobes. Very large obovoid infructescence with red fruits, to 8 cm long.
Coll 11.10.94.

Not nearly enough information to ID it, I'm afraid. The large seed head
would seem to indicate one of the consanguineum types. Are the leaflets on
yours radial? Or do they dome from one side, in sort of a horseshoe
arrangement? How many are there? I doubt if serratum comes from this area,
and the photo of Eric's specimen does look a lot like some of the green
consanguineum types I brought back from Yunnan in 1996.

If yours sets seed (perhaps through apomixis?), let us know what the seed
head looks like, and if it curves down toward the ground after the spathe
dies back.

--Roy Herold
N. Reading, MA

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