Arisaema pseudo-franchetianum......

Martyn Denney martyn at DENNEY.DEMON.CO.UK
Thu Aug 7 19:24:00 CEST 1997

Yes, I bought seeds of the same 'A. franchetianum' clone from the Seed
Guild ex-Kunming.  I think I would tend to agree with Ellen about the
leaves, though would be a litlle less definite about it for the moment.


In message <Pine.SOL.3.96.970806092334.22991A-100000 at rocky->, Ellen Hornig <hornig at OSWEGO.EDU> writes
>I'm interested to see that the leaves on what I received as A.
>franchetianum from the Seed Guild (originally from Kunming BG) resemble
>Roy Herold's "pseudo-franchetianum" and are very different from the leaves
>on my Czech franchetianums (ID courtesy of Wilbert Hetterscheid).  The
>latter are almost yellowish-green; or in any case grass-green; and glossy,
>almost rubbery in appearance.  The former are, as Roy says, more like
>candidissimum: deeper green, with a more matte finish.  The shapes of the
>seedling leaves are also unlike the franchetianums, though they exhibit
>the same undivided, caladium-like juvenile leaf.  The few that have gone
>tripartite are proportioned differently from my franchetianums, and have
>none of the downward curl around the leaf edge.  Can't say more now, but
>I'm hoping that the Seed Guild seeds will prove to be of Roy's species -
>altogether possible if they came from Kunming, since they would probably
>have been collected in the same areas Roy collected in.
>Did anyone else buy those seeds?  What luck?
>Ellen Hornig

Martyn Denney
Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.

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