A. sp. Roy Herold

Thu Aug 7 15:41:38 CEST 1997

Can someone please explain what is happening in my pot of
A. sp. seedlings donated by Roy Herold?  I sowed mine very
late, about the beginning of May, and had quite good germination,
I didn't take an actual count and at this point it is impossible to
count.  Each seed has from 3 to 5 leaves.  Most are all the same
shape but a few--maybe ten--are tripartite.  Some of these are
quite divided and look a lot like an. A. sikokianum seedling.
Others are composed of a larger middle part with small hooks on
the top.  Much like the one A. concinnum seedling I have and also
like 257 A. aff. franchetianum (Paul Jones seed from Yunnan).

The A. sp. are still sending up leaves.  Some have red stems, most
have green, but they are mixed on the same seedline!  What is this
all about, Please?


P.S. I also have an A. franchetianum from a small tuber I bought at the
PRGS sale last fall that has a 3 3/4" leaf.  One of the two seedlings
from Guy Gusman's seed that were in the beginning stages of germination
when we received them has a 1 5/8" leaf.  How big do these plants
end up?  How much space do I have to reserve for them?

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