tuber dormancy requirements

Jean Halverson jahalve at MHTC.NET
Tue Aug 5 14:36:24 CEST 1997

> seedling tubers have rarely failed to come back into growth after up to six
> months' dry storage, in-pot, at room temperatures.
>  The temperature of their store
> room has varied according to my use. Some years, they were kept in the 70's
> and 80's F.during the day.

Hi, Eric--

Which species have you done this with?  Leaving the tubers in their pot at room
temperature during dormancy is an alluring idea.  It would be easier than refrigerator
storage with plants whose hardiness is unsure.

>Thos which have failed
> to re-emerge, I believe, succumbed to my impatience in attempting to force
> growth by watering too early in the season.

Did you keep the pots barely watered until spring and then water more?

Jean Halverson
zone 5a sw Wisconsin USA

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