Late frosts

Jack Lambert (RJL6) rjl6 at CORNELL.EDU
Tue Apr 29 05:57:06 CEST 1997

Nancy wrote >>>>.... All the new growth on the pieris got it. I'm telling
them that I would never have had the nerve to prune them back like this,
but........<<<<<<<<     I don't know about all of *your azaleas* but the
pieris and the R. schlippenbachi should be just fine.  I have had them
zapped as late as June 3 and June 6 up here (when the bloom time was late
April and early May, respectively and leaf-out time was a full three to six
weeks prior).  Both have the reserves for a complete second flush, maybe
not as vigorous as the first but substantive.  Just make sure they have

Nina Lambert, Ithaca, N.Y.   Not quite as UpState as Ellen but without the
moderating effect of her Seneca Lake.

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