A. ringens

Nancy Swell nswell at JUNO.COM
Mon Apr 28 13:11:56 CEST 1997

Rub it in, or maybe you did mean that they lived to be moved????

Answered this before I read your answer to Joan. Do you think the
bletilla will recover too? They are all black. Early and early-mid
azaleas are not only cooked, they are all hanging on and look like death
warmed over. All the new growth on the pieris got it. I'm telling them
that I would never have had the nerve to prune them back like this, but
in the long run it will be good for them, ditto your Ilex opaca. I do
wonder about my R. schlippenbachi. It had finished blooming and the new
growth is all it had. Little hard to cope with a warm March & a cold

I have learned one thing with your germination reports..... to put down
the date planted. Sorry about that. Just glad at this point to see who is
doing what..... will report on that later, but my record keeping is

>Mine looked like cooked spinach every spring for three years before I
>moved them to a North wall where they take an additional 2 weeks to
>emerge. They're blooming at the moment and look great.

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