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I have done a clean re-install of my system software and, of course, lost
all of my e-mail addresses in the process. Anyone out there who thinks that
they should have heard from me over the last month, please e-mail me

Mike and Janet: Your wonderful surprise package came late last month and is
greatly appreciated! You must be clairvoyant: the only three A. amurense
seedlings that had sprouted, have all succumbed to a wave of damp-off that
whipped through my little nursery about the third week in March. I would
have contacted you sooner privately, but I did not have your e-mail
address. I have been planting the siks as they sprout (about three a week)
and will have enough to seriously use them as a ground cover, if I wished
:) . None of the A. sikokianum seedlings seemed disturbed by the dampoff.
Many thanks for your kindness.

The ground is just thawing in the woods, here in Maritime Canada and we are
about to undergo our annual freshet. There probably will not be "Jacks"
showing until the end of May, unless we have very warm weather this spring.
(Like _that_ ever happens) The nightime temps are still down in the -Cs
while the highs are getting into the +12 - 14 C range.

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson <writserv at>

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