Autumn Glade

MJ Hatfield oneota at AMES.NET
Sat Apr 26 04:01:15 CEST 1997

I placed an order for mostly Arisaemas and Trilliums from Autumn Glade
in Spring 1995. It took a long time to have the entire order filled
(about Feb 1997) but Dr. Gover responded to my every inquiry, usually by
phone. The tubers were fine altho one Trillium was mislabeled. (I've had
that problem with other nurseries which makes me wonder if they were
wild dug) Would I order again? I certainly might.
MJ Hatfield

On another subject, one of my potted, never-flowered, leafed out A.
urishima (id by Autumn Glade) had it's stem broken. What do I do now?

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