Source - Autumn Glade Botanicals

Jean Halverson jahalve at MHTC.NET
Fri Apr 25 19:38:54 CEST 1997

I ordered A. urashima and speciosum from them in '95 as well as Campanula p.
Alina's Double.  They came late--I think the Campanula came in mid Dec and maybe one of
the Arisaema as well.  Everything looked fine but had to stay in the house as the ground
was well frozen.  The Arisaema tubers bloomed and went dormant but the speciosum died,
partly do to my storage,I think.  The 2 urashima looked fine but haven't grown yet and I
haven't excavated to see if the bulbs are still there.  I planted the campanula outside
last spring and it did well, too early to see if it survived the winter.  I contacted
the owner when my order didn't arrive by early November and promptly received an answer
saying he still expected the plants but supplies were delayed due to local growing
conditions of his supplier.

They have a great collection of plants, but I would be concerned about timely
delivery based on my one-time experience.  Also, I hesitate to buy some plants
(Cypripedium, esp.) that to me seem touchy to grow and impossible to grow from seed
unless I feel, rightly or wrongly, that the supplier is dividing plants or the plants
are otherwise being propagated so the source isn't being depleted.

Jean Halverson, in the upper midwest where the native arisaema still are sleeping.

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