Source - Autumn Glade Botanicals

marc hachadourian mhach at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Apr 25 07:41:06 CEST 1997

I too have been drooling over the catalog.

Asarums are quickly becoming an obsession of mine as well.(the
photo of Asarum maximum is gorgeous

About a year ago I contacted Autumn Glade for the possibility of
obtaining plants. We ordered a quantity of Glaucidium from them and they
were very nice plants that were imported from Japan.
I did not order any Arisaemas though. When I spoke to the owner
he said the quality of the plants he was getting were good. The supply on
some of the other plants I was interested in seemed to be a little up in
the air.
The one thing that I am wondering about is the source for his
Cypripediums. To my knowledge all Cyp species are listed on Appendix I of
CITES. I have a feeling that some especially the Chinese species might be
wild collected plants. I am wondering how he is getting around CITES for
those. (he wouldn't be the first to do so.)


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