George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Wed Apr 23 03:05:37 CEST 1997

I've added the following general reference to the Arisaema bibliography
because it gives a nice overview of the genus and a paragraph or two
about A. amurense, A. candidissimum, A. consanguineum, A. costatum, A.
dracontium, A. elephas, A. erubescens, A. flavum, A. griffithii, A.
japonicum, A. propinquum, A. robustum, A. sikokianum, A. triphyllum, A.
urashima, A. utile, A. wallichianum, and a few others. Unusual coverage
for a general book.

Jelitto, Leo & W. Schacht 1955. Hardy Herbaceous Perennials, Vol. I, A-K,
Portland, OR, Timber Press, 58-59.

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