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I am presently trying to germinate arisaema seeds from the Ontario Rock
Garden Society.  Nothing has appeared so far.  According to Deno  (Seed
Germination Theory and Practice 2n ed.) this should be cleaned and washed
for 7 days.  I did same, using a bit of detergent on a  few washings.  Mo=st
were reported to have germinated in a few weeks at 70 deg.  Another
suggestion I read once was to put the seeds in a bag in your toilet tank =in
such a way that they would be wetted then let dry and wetted again.  No
time was suggested.  My e-mail is
nevans at

I will be glad to let you know if I ever do get any germination ---tring =A
tortuosum, A flavum.
A serratum and A sikokianum.  I have another source yet to check if I fin=d
out anything useful, I will send you an e-mail.  Hope you will do the sam=e.

Norma Evans

>         I bought seeds of the following from Alplains:
>         Arisaema japonicum
>         Arisaema urashima
>         Arisaema yamatense v. sugimotoi
>         Alan gives the following germination instructions -
>         cold strat for 8 weeks.
>         Has anyone germinated these without cold stratification or is i=t
> required?
>         Thanks in advance, Lois Addison
> Addison & Richardson
> 201 Wagon Dr.
> Box 9015, RR # 1
> Dunrobin, Ontario  K0A 1T0
> 613-832-4202
> (35 miles west of Ottawa) Cdn. Zone 5, USDA 4
> Lowest Temp -40C; Highest 37C (in the shade -50+C in the sun)
> unreliable snow cover (usually January thaw)

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